How to create a pencil case

How to create a pencil case

25/09/2019 1 By greet

How to crochet a pencil case for beginners

Pencil case for beginners
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Here you can learn how to crochet a pencil case for beginners. I assure you it is totally not that difficult to make however it is my first one too! Let me show you in a few steps together with some images how to crochet this nice pencil case!

When you make a promesse, you MUST do it”

First I want you to tell why I made this one. 

Well, it is almost school here, in Belgium school starts at the first of september, or better said the first workday of september. So I want to start a back to school collection in my etsy shop. But it is not alone because of this back to school time I made a pencil case. My daughter deserves a new one.

I made here a prototype at the end of the previous school year and she adored it, but as always on a prototype there were some problems with it and she gave me very good tips to make a better one. She was the one who gave me the idea to make a pencil case and I promised her to try. When you make a promesse to someone you must do it, no matter what! Finally I made an example who fits her requirements. So she will be the first one to use a pencil case of mine. Like I know her, she will be proud of it!




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 I have chosen the moss stitch, but I’m not sure if it is the moss stitch, please comment me if it is not. Only a short explanation of this stitch is given because it is a very easy one. 

Start with a chainstitch (see this stitch as a single crochet), then make a double crochet, next a single crochet, followed by a double crochet, followed by a single crochet etc. Turn. if you ended the previous row with a double crochet, start you row with one chain stitch (see this as the first single crochet), go on with a double crochet  on the second stitch. Otherwise start with two chain stitches and start on the second stitch with a single crochet. It is importent to alternate between a single crochet and a double crochet in the row but also relative to the previous row.

But of course you may choose another stitch!

Roadmap to make the pencil case

Step 1 : Search your utilities

Here I sum up what you need to hook this pencil case : 

Search for :

  • two bolls of thick cotton yarn(50g) that needs hook number 4.
  • hook number 4.
  • a zipper of 15 cm that suites with the colour of the yarn
  • a needle
  • thin nylon to sew the zipper

After you have gathered all these things you can start to  crochet, the most funniest part of course.

Step 2 : Crochet

grafische tekening van de zijden
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Above you see the graphical drawing of the 3 sides you have to crochet! Let’s start with crocheting the three panels like described below :

2 side panels of the pencil case
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Side panels

  • Start with one of the two side panels. 
  • Make a foundation string of 15 stitches (less or more, but it has to be 6 cm) with single crochets. 
  • Stop the side when it is 10 cm high.
  • Make a second square identical to the first one!

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Main panel

  • Make a foundation string of 35 stitches (less or more, but it has to be 20 cm) with single crochets. 
  • Stop the main panel when it is 30 cm high.

Step 3 : Sewing

Phase 1 : sewing a cross

There are 3 panels. In this first phase, sew them together in a cross. This is the base where we work further on.

sewed all together phase 1
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Now sew the three panels together like in the picture above!

Phase 2 : sewing the side panels to the main panel

So you have your base, a cross! Sew the side panels like in the image below. Do this for both sides. From now only pictures of my own are shown, a graphical representation is too difficult.You see that the pencil case takes its form already! 

How to sow it all together
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Here you see how you can sew the side panels to the main panel.

Below you see some pictures of how I sewed the side panels to the main panel :


Phase 3 : sewing the zipper

Time to sew the zipper. It’s always better to pin the zipper in your project, so the zipper fits well in it. There after start sewing. 

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The pencil case with the pinned zipper

Pencil case with the sewed zipper
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The pencil case with the sewed zipper

Phase 4: finishing

Have you seen the two holes aside the zipper? I closed them with crochet. If you want to do it my way, search for 3 stitches to pick up. Start to crochet this 3 stitches with slip stitches. Then crochet 3 rows with single crochets, and attache the sides each time with a slip stitch at the end of a row. Hope the pictures below gives a good view of what I mean! 

And last but not least I show some pictures of this pencil case! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you also made a beautiful pencil case! Please ask me if any help is needed or something isn’t clear!

I’m going to make an other one, a bit more little than the one I have described. Therefore I’ll  narrow the width with 5 cm, so the width will be 15 cm instead of 20 cm. In this way phase 4 (finishing) becomes redundant and the case will be not so tall anymore. Also I’m going to try another stitch. I let you know if I succeed in it in a next post!