Crochet pattern for cute little Christmas socks

Christmas is coming soon again. Nice to get back to design an ornament like every year. This year I opted to crochet little Christmas stockings. I’m going to hang some in the tree. I’m also going to create a garland with them. That last one is what I’m going to do for my mom too. She is one of my biggest fans. She is now in a home and such a garland will brighten up her room again along with the stars and snowmen from previous years!

Lees hier verder in het Nederlands.

You can get the Crochet pattern for little Christmas stockings on Ravelry or Etsy.

How do you crochet a beautiful little Christmas star with leftovers?
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Pattern little snowman
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  • hook nr 3 mm (see conversion table for other metrics)
  • Drops Safran: used red, white, sage green, apple green, black, but of course you can also use other colours to crochet the socks for other events such as a birth.๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Stitches (US-terms)

  • chain (ch)
  • single crochet (sc)
  • slip stitch (sl st)
  • single crochet loop stitch

The single crochet loop stitch explained

sc loop stitch step 1Step 1
We start with the 1st sc. Wrap the thread around your finger twice.
Step 2
Insert the crochet pin under the 1st wrap of your finger.
step 2 sc loop st
Step 3
Pull the yarn through the stitch from the previous round. We’re actually just crocheting a regular sc.
Step 4
When the thread is pulled through, you still have 1 loop on your finger and the thread itself.
sc loop st step 5Step 5
Pull the loose thread through the two loops around the hook. We actually just continue the single crochet, only a loop remains around your fingers.
Step 6
The single crochet is worked and the first loop is still around the finger.
sc loop st step 6
sc loop stitch step 7Step 7
Pull your finger out of the loop, you will see the loop on the back.
Step 8
Put that loop along the front
sc loop st step 8
sc loop stitch step 9Step 9

We’ll start with the next single crochet loop stitch. Insert your hook into the next single crochet, over the loop.
Step 10

Twist the thread around your finger again 2 times.
sc loop st step 10
sc loop st step 11Step 11

Insert the crochet pin through the first yarn over again.
Step 12

Pull the thread through.
sc loop st step 12
sc loop st step 13Step 13
Continue the single crochet.
Step 14
Pull your finger out of the created loop.
sc loop st step 15
sc loop st step 16Step 15
Put that loop along the front
Step 16
Already worked 2 loops!
sc loop st step 17


I made a photo tutorial of how to crochet this little Christmas stocking. The foto tutorial is made the same way as the one made to explain the sc loop st.

I also made 5 variations in a tabular form. This form now also includes an extra check-column. With this extra column you can keep better track of where you are. You find more if you purchase the pattern.

The pattern is available on Ravelry and Etsy!

Enjoy crocheting!

xox Greet

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