Crochet summer cotton tank top : out of my comfort zone!

Why crochet this summer cotton tank top?

Time for something else, crochet out of my comfort zone!

Where to buy this summer tank top?

I made two versions of this top, a long and a short version. You can order it in my etsyshop, and as always can order it in an order it in an other size (large) or colour.

Why out of my comfort zone?

So far I only made bags, sleeves and baskets, time for something else! I know this site is handmadeRoseBag, but this is only because of my fascination of bags. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to learn making other things too. There are so much other things to make.

Used yarn for this summer cotton top

The yarn I use now is drops muskat. This yarn is made of 100 % cotton. I really enjoy this yarn. Drops muskat is an Egyptian mercerized cotton with finest cotton fiber you can wish for! The yarn is spun with multiple thin threads, which makes the yarn strong and durable. Moreover this yarn has a sheer gloss, is soft and stable in its shape. I use hook nr 4 for this yarn.

The colour I choose is denim blue, I like it and it suites on many trousers or skirts.

example of drops muskat

Because of the chosen yarn the top can be washed on 40 degrees, you may not put it on the dryer, best dry it flat. You can iron the top warm.

A design not of my own

First, I start with a design not one of my own, to learn. I searched on pinterest a design I like very much. And I found this one :

I liked the peaks in it, and I also had the perfect yarn like I mentioned earlier to make this top. The pattern is very well explained and I knew all the stitches I needed. I think that this can be tried by every beginner, it’s not difficult at all. I made the small version of it.


Finished product

So now I show some pictures of the result, it took me a week to make it and now my daughter is wearing it. She really loves this summer cotton tank top. I made it just in time, now it is so hot in Belgium!

  • peak tank top
  • peak tank top 3
  • peak tank top 2
  • long version
  • short version

You want this top made by me? Go to summer tank top or send an email to so we can arrange a deal!

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