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Hello, I’m Greet, crocheting ‘casual and stylish crochet‘, my objective! Crocheting and writing crochet patterns is my passion! Do you share that passion? Then you are most welcome on my site full of crochet patterns and fun gadgets! Just have fun reading my blog where I love to share my patterns. (Lees hier verder in het Nederlands.)

Every post always contains one or more ‘tips and tricks’. Most posts describe how I crocheted something and usually contain patterns. You can also visit the shop if crocheting is not really for you.

All my products are made using a crochet pattern designed myself. As a child my two main hobbies were crocheting and writing! Now I can combine the two different worlds with this blog. So usually posts are written in the story of my daily life with family, friends, etc but always combined with crochet!

Have fun!


Greet Roose, founder of handmadeRoseBag

Most popular patterns, don’t miss them!

Are you also interested in one of these patterns? Click on the photos and read on, you will also find most of the patterns on Ravelry. Always handy to save or print a PDF format.

How to crochet simple flowers, great for a larger crochet project!

How to crochet a summer hat?

Pattern little snowman

Pencil case free pattern

Accessories, little gadgets, fun to crochet

With these accessory patterns I keep my objective ‘casual and stylish crochet‘ in mind as much as possible!

How to crochet your own iPad case in the diamond stitch with handles using this handy pattern

How to crochet beautiful and handy handles for a bag in a very simple way?

How to crochet simple flowers, great for a larger crochet project!

Two beautiful crochet patterns with challenging stitches for head bands ideal for Spring

How to crochet this elegant beret for spring in only two days

5 awesome patterns to crochet lovely scrunchies as short time projects

Clothes, always so nice to wear clothes, crocheted yourself

Do you also like to receive nice comments about what you wear? And if you can say ‘homemade’, it gives it that extra something!

Sunny summer shirt

How to crochet a sunny top with the c2c stitch

Crochet summer cotton tank top : out of my comfort zone!

Decoration, from kitchen, living room to bathroom

Everywhere in our house you will find something that is crocheted, that makes it just as cozy at our house!

Handmade bath poufs, a simple basic crochet pattern and 4 other nice examples

Learn the thermal half double crochet stitch and crochet these pot holders.

How to change your non-stylish and ugly flower pots? Crochet of course!

Tips and tricks

If you want to find out more tips, read on in the posts below!

Little handy crochet tips I learned from my loving mother : part 1, how to wind yarn into a ball

Tip to never lose your cable and charger!

5 easy ways to pimp handmade purses!

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xox Greet

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