How to crochet modern

Crochet modern and stylish!

HandmadeRoseBag explains how to crochet modern. Also she offers products that are made with passion and care. All products are all handmade items.

HandmadeRoseBag adds a flavour to all her accessories so everything is different from the standard, but still stays modern and stylish in her own way!

New! pencil cases!

Yes, now I also make pencil cases as you see! They are available at my own shop! See this FREE pattern to crochet them your self!

Post comes sometimes with tips and tricks of how to crochet modern products even more attractive. Other posts describes how I made products I sell and other post gives some patterns away. I’m also concerned about the environment, so sometimes I also refer to how I want to help to recover our nature. 

When I was I a kid my two main hobby’s were crocheting and writing! So now I can combine the two different worlds with this blog. So most of the time posts are written in the story of my daily life with family, friends, etc but always combined with crochet!  

Below ares examples of my posts. 

Pencil case free pattern

“I want to share this pencil case free pattern, because it is so beautiful and attractive to see. It is…


How to create a pencil case

How to crochet a pencil case for beginners Here you can learn how to crochet a pencil case for beginners.…


Why I made a big bag in coral red

Why a big bag in coral red? My sister said a day to me : “I need a big big…


How to make a lovely fruit basket

Method for making a fruit basket in an easy way.

laptop sleeve with crocheted zipper

How to avoid zipper troubles : crochet instead of sewing

Crochet a zipper for the first time I’m mostly stuck when it comes to sewing a zipper, not one of…

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greek style cotton bag

How to make the environment better with a Greek style cotton bag made of ecological yarn

Ecological Greek style cotton summer bag I like a Greek style cotton bag Summer bag This cotton bag can be…


Crochet summer cotton tank top : out of my comfort zone!

Why crochet this summer cotton tank top? First, I think it’s pretty easy to start with a summer cotton tank…


Testimonials :

 on my etsy shop


I love this. Amazing correspondence and kindness in going the extra mile. Extremely good quality and sturdy. Love the sewn in name! The best etsy experience I’ve had. Very pleased.

 Heidi loves the original designs


I have to admit, I got a little addicted to Greet’s gorgeous bags! It started with a beautiful bright red sling bag … then I seemed to need one for lots of different occasions . Next will be a sleeve for my mac I think! . I love the original designs and the sustainable fabrics used, it’s lovely quality and the colours seem unchanged after a gentle wash!

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Also have a look at my facebook page, HandmadeRoseBag. On that page pictures of projects in progress are shown. Not only there also on instagram you can follow some projects.

On crochetTalk too I have my own place where I talk to other crocheters. 

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