How to crochet a sunny top with the c2c stitch

A top with c2c

I learned a new stitch, the corner to corner stitch, in short c2c. This stitch looks very nice, looks complicated but it is not. The c2c stitch also has a great advantage for crocheting, no base chain is needed. This will become clear later on.

Nederlands versie is hier beschikbaar!

I crocheted a sunny top with only the c2c stitch. (I only used single crochets for the borders). This is the result! I really like the top. To make it I used a cake yarn, and I fell in love with this cake yarn! I have already made scarves with it, which I will also share later.

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The c2c stitch explained with images!

A 6×6 square to start with

If you don’t know c2c yet, consider crocheting a square of 6 x 6 cubes with c2c as I explain later. Once you know how to crochet such a square, you are ready to start with the supper top.

With the c2c stitch you start and increase at the same time. When you have reached a triangle with the desired height, such as 6 blocks in this example, you have to decrease. How to increase and decrease is explained step by step in the photos.

Start and increasing


One of my favorite stitches

Have you noticed what advantage this stitch has? No basic chain has to be crocheted! Crocheting a basic chain always takes a little extra time. That is why it is one of my favorite stitches.

How to crochet the top?


I catalog this top between easy and difficult. Learning the c2c stitch is a little more difficult, but in the end it is nothing more than crocheting chain stitches and double crochets. Once you’ve mastered this, the summer top is easy to make!

The top consists of 4 parts. The front, back and two shoulder straps. The different parts are hooked together.


Crochet hook no. 4 mm in the European system. (see conversion table for more info)

Twirls Cotton Kings is available at

different shades of twirls cotton kings

Different shades of this yarn are available. I used nr 32 Carnelian.

nr 32

C2C- parts

The top is made with only c2c parts. The parts are not all squares, it consists of 1 square and 3 rectangles, but the principle for making rectangles is more or less the same as for squares. On one side of the part you still increase with 6 chain stitches and on the other side you just slip back to the next arch with slip stitches. In this way, the part where you continue to enlarge becomes the length of the rectangle, the other side being the width of the rectangle.

Front piece

The front piece is a square of 33 C2C blocks. So it’s made exactly like the example in the photos above, but instead of a 6 x 6 square, it’s a 33 x 33 square.

Back piece

The back is a rectangle. The length has 31 blocks and the width has 33 blocks.

Shoulder straps

The shoulder straps are also rectangles. The length is 27 blocks and the width is 5 blocks.


The parts are crocheted together with slip stitches. The edges are finished with single crochets


This yarn is wonderful to work with. The shades in the yarn also give the top a very nice special effect. The C2C stitch also contributes to this special effect. I am very proud of this design and hope that I have inspired many!

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