How to crochet shining flower pots

Nederlandse versie vind je hier.

Does it sound familiar, you have a beautiful plant but you don’t find the right flower pot? Crochet flower pots is an easy solution. Crocheting flower pots is not even difficult at all. You can start with sturdy ribbon yarn. If you cannot find ribbon yarn, regular cotton is also a good alternative!


Crocheting flower pots is very easy. There are 2 phases that are a little more difficult, the magic ring and the crochet of a border. I try to explain these techniques with the help of photos. Once you have mastered it, you can crochet pots in all colors and sizes.


The easiest yarn to crochet these pots is to use ribbon yarn. You can order this yarn in many online shops. Examples are,, if these retailers are not available in your country, there are undoubtedly other distributors. When you use ribbon yarn, the jar is immediately straight and sturdy.

But no problem if you do not have ribbon yarn available, you can also try it with regular cotton, you can crochet an elastic band at the top so that the mantle can hang on the jar.

Start with a magic ring

With a number of photos I try to explain how you can start a magic ring.

You can follow how to make a circle in this post “how to make a fruit basket“.

If you find it too complicated to start with a magic ring, you can easily replace it by crocheting 6 chain stitches and forming a ring with a slip stitch.

Crochet a nice border

For crocheting the border to separate the bottom from the jar I use a kind of relief single crochet. This is a single crochet that I crochet around the single crochet from the previous row. The following photos provide clarification.

Crochet some sort of mantle

After crocheting the border, you crochet the mantle of the jar, as it were. Below you have several options to finish the mantle further.

Groen bloempotje met vasten gehaakt

Simple crochets or treble crochets

This is the easiest way to crochet the coat.

Work 1 chain stitch and just work single crochets or treble crochets on the single crochets or treble crochets from previous rounds. You no longer have to take into account the previous rounds. You can simply crochet in the round to the desired height.

Geel bloempotje met kruisjes

Large cross stitch

On the first round you just crochet double crochets. For round 2 you use a kind of single crochets. You crochet the first single crochet on top of the third double crochet from the previous round. Make sure that your thread is not too tight so that the ribbon crosses nicely over the previous stitches. Work a single crochet on the second double crochet of the previous round. Then work a single crochet over the first double crochet of the previous round. Here too you ensure that the yarn crosses nicely over the previous stitches. Then work a single crochet on the fourth double crochet.

After this round you work another round with double crochets. Followed by a round with these special single crochets.

Continue like this to desired length.

Different colors

This is actually the same as example 1, only you have to keep a good eye when you switch colors. Here, row by row is changed. Single crochets are used for this flower pot.

Finally, I wish you good luck crocheting these fun pots!

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