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Nobody is too old to learn, but a lot of people keep putting it off!

–William O’Neill
Greet Roose

But not me!

Learning to crochet is like learning to ride a bike, in the beginning it is difficult, but once you can, you can do it forever

learning to bike
Image : Suelynn Parker

A brief history of why this site is created

Greet Roose, founder of HandmadeRoseBag started as an analist. Due to severe health problems she couldn’t do that job anymore. It took her several years to search a new direction in her life that could be combined with her chronic illness. With this website she’s combining her informatics skills into handmadeRoseBag’s website and her crochet.

I now have found a domain I can study a lot at home in my chair, combining with one of my hobbies I still can perform. Now my life has a meaning again in the world and I’m very happy with it! So in my mind  never never give up, you even will be proud of yourself”

Places where to find HandmadeRoseBag

If you want to learn more about us and crochet, you’re in the right place. We are seen on many places!

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Crochet to your heart’s content. This is a hobby. Not just a hobby. My hobby, my passion! As a child I always enjoyed making something myself. I didn’t think about it for years!And now the jitters are back. I love bags in all variations. So why not make one myself? And it was so much appreciated by family and acquaintances, they encouraged me to do something more with this. That’s how the idea came to make more bags and build a collection. Each item is made with the same passion and the same mind : love!


Now I’m even creating my own blog to bewitch everyone that handmade items are worth to cherish! Once you can do it, you love it forever!


Here you can contact me!

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