5 easy ways to pimp handmade purses!

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This week I started to crochet small purses. It is actually not that difficult. You will find the pattern indeed on different sites. That is why it is not the intention to give you a complete explanation of how you can crochet them, but as you may already know, I am also developing a tool for creating readable crochet patterns and that is why I am giving the supplied pattern anyway. The main goal remains how you can pimp the purses.

A legend is available at legend and you get some more explanation in one of my other posts, how to create a little heart!

I show you 5 examples of how you can decorate them. You can make them exactly as how I made them or they can serve as an excellent idea to develop you own purse.

These handmade pimped purses can perfectly serve as a surprising gift. For example, if the children are invited to birthday parties, these are excellent gifts! And you can be sure that they will be proud to give these gifts to their friends! And as an extra you can fill them with sweets, pins and other fun things!

Another idea is to fill them with baptism sugar and to give it for the birth of your baby! Placing a large basket with some of these purses will be very nice and fun, I can see it completely in front of me!

Example 1 : My happy purse

This first wallet is made after the example of the emoticon “happy face“, I hope the similarity is still visible :)!

Pimping this bag is fairly easy. The only thing needed is a needle, black and red thread. You just have to know the back stitch, but if you don’t know, this stitch is not very difficult to learn. Maybe this site can help you.

It is straight forward on how to do it, just mark the places where you want to put the eyes and mouth. Then sew with the back stitch and the black yarn the eyes and the mouth.

The beginning and end of the mouth are located exactly under the right and left side of the eyes. The distance from the center of the red crosses is at the center of the distance between the eyes and the mouth. But of course you can place them where you see them best!

If you want, you can line the purse, so you can hide the threads and stitches on the inside. At the end of this message I explain how you can line the wallet.

Example 2 : My wondering purse

Also for this purse I used an emoticon as reference. This time it is the astonishing face. Pretty similar, isn’t it?

The method I used here is different from the first.

I started to crochet two ovals that function as eyes.

To crochet a little oval do this :

Start with 2 chains then hook two single crochets in each chain, for the second round, just crochet single crochets in each single crochet but not on the upside but on the downside. Afterwards go one time around in stead of turning for a new row.

Just crochet a chain with 8 stitches for the mouth and close it like a ring. The eyebrows are chains with 5 stitches.

Sew all these parts on the purse and you get this astonishing face!

Example 3 : My sailer purse

Here I searched for a good drawing of an anchor that I could easily crochet on the purse. And here I used again another method to pimp, no sewing needed here!

The best way to explain how to do this, is by showing pictures.

Example 4 : My different stripes purse

Striped purse

I used the same method as in the previous example. But here I have designed 3 different line types to decorate the wallet with. So I want to give you the idea that there are many different ways to pimp a purse with only crochet!

Example 5 : My glimmering purse with hot fix stones.

I decorated this purse with hot fix stones. Hot fix stones are very easy to use, they have a flat side. First make your design on one side. Then iron then, I put my iron on the highest stand and count to 15. The result is so glimmering and they are very well fixed! You find hot fix stones on several places, I bought them in a hobby store, ava.

Lining the purses

When you pimp the purses in this several ways you may want to line them. But don’t be put off by this. It is quite simple to do. I present here a gallery of pictures of how you can do this in an easy way.


I hope I gave you some inspiration to pimp your own crocheted purse. Feel free to give me other ideas and if you have an idea and don’t know how to do it, feel free to ask!

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