Crochet a poster to support the heroes of the war against corona!


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Of course HandmadeRoseBag also supports everyone in the fight against corona. I would like to try not to print a poster, but to crochet one. And it may also be the time to teach your kids to crochet! Because crocheting is an ideal hobby nowadays! ?

What could be on such a poster? Very simple, a house full of hearts. A house because everyone can stay in the house as much as possible and a heart as a heartwarming sign for everyone. And when I think of a combination of sending heat from a house and a heart, I think it would be a nice sign to let hearts escape from the chimney. The house is blue, as a sign to support care.

Below is a possible sketch of what you can crochet. Of course you can choose your own design where you place the hearts!

example of a possible sketch


  • thick white yarn (hook pin 5), I use drops Paris.
  • a little thinner red yarn (hook pin 3,5 or 4), for this I use hobbii 8/4 cotton.
  • somewhat thinner blue yarn (hook pin 3,5 or 4), and again drops, namely drops safran cotton, but thinner than the white.

c2c – stitch

For the white of the poster and the roof I used c2c (corner to corner) stitch. This stitch is explained in detail in this summer top post. If you find this stitch a bit too difficult, you can of course switch to single crochets or double crochets.

How to

The poster consists of several parts: 1 large square that is used as the background of the poster, different parts for the house and a number of red hearts.

Different parts

The background (white)

The background of the poster consists of 1 large white square, crocheted with c2c stitch. Note that for this c2c stitch I do not use the regular double crochets, but triple crochets because of the thicker yarn. 15 cubes are worked. If you do not crochet c2c, it is good to know that the poster is 33 cm high by 33 cm.

The family house (blue)

The cottage consists of 3 parts.

1 smaller square, here I didn’t use a c2c stitch to show as an example. The square consists alternately of a row of single crochets, a row and a row of double crochets. So you see that you can also crochet this poster with these basic stitches! (My house is 15 cm wide by 15 cm)

1 triangle as a roof. C2C stitch is great for crocheting a triangle, but you can also use single crochets and/or double crochets with ease. Then start with a chain stitch chain that is slightly longer than one side of the square. Decrease each row with an equal number of stitches at the beginning and at the end. The height of the triangle is 9 cm, the base is 20 cm. (10 C2C cubes)

1 little rectangle that serves as a chimney. Do not make this chimney too long, so that you can easily let a heart escape from the chimney! That makes the picture clear. The family that lives here gives off warm harts to everyone!

Dimensions: 5 cm long, 2 cm wide.

The little hearts (red)

The little red hearts are crocheted in the following simple way and consist of only 2 rows:

  • start with a magical ring
  • round 1: start with 3 chain stitches (counts as first double crochet) and work 11 double crochets in the ring, end with a slip stitch on the first double crochet
  • round 2 :
    • hook 3 chain stitches again and work 3 treble crochets in the same first stitch
    • hook 3 more treble crochets in the next stitch
    • in the next stitch hook a double crochet, a half double crochet and a single crochet
    • in the next two stitches each stitch a single crochet
    • in the next stitch crochet a single crochet, a double crochet and a single crochet
    • now hook 3 treble crochets in the same next stitch
    • again hook 3 treble crochets in the same next stitch and also crochet a double crochet in this stitch
    • finish the round with a slip stitch in the first stitch of the round

Crochet as many hearts as you need for your design!

close up of some hearts


Sew all the individual pieces to the white background. Place the house where you want and arrange the hearts nicely on and around the house!

So time to hang up!

So, your poster is ready to get a nice place at the window! In this way you certainly give a warm heart to our heroes!

Have fun and good luck!

Greet from handmadeRoseBag

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