How to crochet a summer hat?

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As usual, I find inspiration in my daily life. Recently I received a nice picture of my mother in my email. And this is how this story started!

my mom with a summer hat

My mother

When I received this photo in my mailbox, a light came on. You can immediately see where the focus is on the photo, yes the hat! She turned 81 this year and her passion for hats has certainly not disappeared. For her, choosing the right hat was also a very important part of my wedding!

I skype her every week during this crisis and it will probably stay that way afterwards, since I don’t live very close to her. She lives in a WZC, where she is also very well cared for and where she loves to stay, this aside, but it can be said that I and my family are very happy with the care with which she is surrounded!

During these skype sessions she often tells that she goes outside to the beautiful large garden and for her there is always 1 important moment, you guessed it, choosing a hat! There is a large basket with different sun hats and the residents can each choose one. She knows in advance which one she would like to wear that day, very important, because the hat stays on all afternoon and she still wants to look beautiful!


Do you remember “de warmste week” during the Christmas season? I had made snowmen for this charity project. Those snowmen all have a nice hat on.

I never realized that I was crocheting a hat back then. I had just made the hat as part of a snowman who always has a hat on.

But a pattern for a small hat can’t be that different from a big hat? This gave me the confidence that I could also crochet a big hat.


I want to make the hat for my mom. So the hat I want, shouldn’t be just a hat. If I want to give the hat to my mom, there has to be something that makes him attractive and different. As you can see in the picture, she likes striking details. A detail, a repetition, not too cumbersome but striking enough. ? And as a color I choose yellow, her favorite!

As you know I am also an avid Pinterest user. I get a lot of inspiration there. So here I also sniffed around and soon the idea came up to work with a repetition of holes. That makes the hat a real summer hat. And because I don’t really like straight lines, I wanted to make sure that the holes are not neatly aligned. But of course there must be some kind of repetition.

The result

Below the result! The effect of the repetition of the holes is great, I think, the holes spiral nicely along with the hat, I really couldn’t have imagined it better!

Do you also want to give this hat to your mother, or do you just want it for yourself and crocheting is not so much for yourself? The hat is therefore also available in my etsyshop! I enjoy making it in your favorite color!

sun hat

I also made the hat in lavender. Also a good option!

Which materials?

The yarn: a sturdy ribbon yarn that immediately fits the shape of the hat: Hobbii ribbon, 2 balls are enough.

Crochet hook no 5

How do you start making a hat?

It is actually not difficult. You start with a magic ring and you crochet a circle to a size that you can determine yourself. Then you stop increasing the circle, so you actually crochet the cloak of the hat. When the mantle is high enough, start increasing again. I do this in 3 rows. In the first row I increase every 4 stitches, the 2nd row I don’t increase and in the 3rd row I increase every 2 stitches. Then just work a few more rounds until you find that the brim of the hat is wide enough!

Have fun making this hat!

xox Greet from HandmadeRoseBag

24 thoughts on “How to crochet a summer hat?”

  1. Carmen Barwikowski

    Do you have a more specific pattern for this hat? It is very pretty and unique.
    Thank you,

      1. Paralee Ohl

        I can’t get the pattern for the hat even after joining. How do I use the link and enter the code to get it?

    1. janice merritt

      How do I get the pattern if I already subscribe to the newsletter? Do I have to sign up again 😫?

  2. Martha Clauser.

    I signed up for your site so I could get the pattern for the yellow summer hat. I understood it was a free pattern and now I have to go to Esty to buy it.
    I may have misunderstood stood but this makes me very unhappy!

    1. Of course you get the pattern for free. I keep my promise. I have sent you the link and password! Didn’t you receive the welcome mail after you signed up via Newsletter? Please let me know.
      Sorry for this misunderstanding.

  3. Teresa Lemon

    not sure what is the matter with the process, but I also did not receive access to the hat pattern???

    1. Hello, in the welcome mail you received a link to a page where you can download the pattern. When you go to that page you get a link to that page. You are asked for a password. You find this password in the welcome mail. Enter this password and then you can download easily download the pattern.

  4. Ruth Kaplan-Kramer

    I subscribed and confirmed my subscription but I can’t find the hat pattern either. Please give simple directions for opening it. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello, thanks for joining my memberlist. In your welcome mail you received a link to the pattern together with a password. Just go to that page and use this password. There you can easily download the pattern. Just give me a sign when you need further help.

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  7. Sherry L Demarais

    I subscribed but I do not see where to get the pattern. Please send me the PDF version.

    1. Hi, Thanks for subscribing. I’ve sent you a new email with a new link. It is better to download directly from Ravelry, when I make adjustments you get automatically an update. Maybe your welcome mail was in you spam?

      Cheers Greet

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