How to crochet a ponytail hat, a handy and easy solution to wear

“Mommy, I would like a hat with a hole at the top“, my daughter asked. “This way my bun or ponytail can come out of the hat, because an ordinary hat simply does not work.” Luckily I had some thick and warm yarn and was able to quickly design a pattern to crochet a ponytail hat. It was finished in 2 days and she was so happy to be able to wear a ‘real hat’!

You also want to make your girl happy? Then this hat is so easily made and you can find the pattern on ravelry and etsy! I also joined as a designer, so you can also download the pattern there as well and start to crochet a ponytail hat! As you can see in the pictures there are 2 different patterns, a 1-color and a 2-color version, both are described in detail!

Did you know I organise an online event to learn to crochet this easy pattern? Here you can join the event😃! Please check my events regularly for other dates if this date doesn’t suit you! If you download the pattern, then you can join this event! And even if you have a question before, don’t hesitate to contact me with a message, or simple click on de chat button! love to hear from you! ❤️


  • hook number 5,5 mm / 9/ I
  • darning needle
  • yarn :  Stylecraft Special Aran with Wool

 80 gr is needed for 1-coloured hat. Choose 2 colours for the 2-color hat..


Adult, female. This beanie has a circumference of 52 cm and has a total height of 24 cm, border included. The height of the hat with the collar folded measures 19 cm. The circumference for the hole for the ponytail is 24 cm.

Used stitches (US terminology)

  • chain stitches (ch)
  • slip stitch (sl st)
  • simple crochet (sc)
  • a half double crochet (hdc)
  • rib stitch


Here you can see already a preview of how to crochet an odd row of the hat in two colours. When you purchase the pattern, you get a plain explanation in a table form and a complete photo tutorial.

1.first start with a gray chain
2.make a second grey chain, but wire the blue thread with it.
3. yarn over
4.second ch

6.Yarn over with blue
7.Insert the needle into the next grey stitch and yarn over the grey thread before the blue one.
8.Pull the blue thread through the 2 gray loops on the hook.
9.Yarn over and pull the blue thread through all the loops on the hook.
10. Second color change. It is the same as with the blue one, but now with gray.
15. after 17 rib stitches
16.Let the blue wire in front of you and make a grey rib stitch

17. Finish the row with 15 gray rib stitches and one half double crochet and attach the row to the ring with a slip stitch

Have fun crocheting this pattern and most importantly, enjoy the ponytail hat! As I mentioned before, my daughter is very happy with it, so I made 3 different versions for her! Make your girl as happy as mine!

xox Greet

PS. I also made other hat pattern and feel free to take a look at them too! Some of them are free patterns!😉

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