gemakkelijk te haken muts

Easy and quick pattern to crochet a hat

Snowflakes, hail, freezing cold, all ingredients of winter. Just now, snowflakes fluttered gently down here. My mother used to say that the angels are shaking the sheets. All those stories about the snow are fun. I am now also thinking of Mrs. Holle, a well-known Dutch fairy tale in which Mrs. Holle also shakes out her pillows so that it snows. Love those stories. If you want to know more about this fairy tale, you can visit wikipedia.

Lees hier verder in het Nederlands.

But enough musing, winter also asks for hats, so I made an easy and quick pattern to crochet a hat in no time. Yes, you can crochet this hat in 2 days and you will certainly arrive in time to brave the winter with a warm feeling!

You can download the pattern on Etsy or Ravelry. Here is some additional information.


  • yarn : yarn light weight zoals Amigo  +- 225 m (+-75 g)
  • Hook number 4,5 mm


The hat is made for women, circumference 52 cm and height about 20 cm. Although you can of course also make it longer, where this is indicated in the pattern.

Pattern for this easy and quick pattern to crochet a hat

The pattern itself is very easy to follow, it is written in a table format and a photo tutorial is included. When you print the pattern, you can also easily indicate your progress, extra space is provided for this!

The hat is worked from top to bottom and is also worked in one piece. Indeed, the border is not sewn, I don’t like to sew, ๐Ÿ™‚ . I always look for a way to avoid sewing as much as possible. And here this really worked out well, only the starting wire and the ending wire have to be tucked in. Fantastic isn’t it?

If you want a multi-colored hat or a slightly more challenging pattern combined with knitting, this hat might also be something for you to crochet.

Simple and free pattern to crochet a beanie
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Or just browse around on my blog for even more winter ideas and other ideas.

xox Greet and until my next crochet post!

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