Crochet glittering Christmas ornaments, so nice to make yourself

Crochet glittering Christmas ornaments, slightly different from usual, with this pattern it is really possible!

picture of 4 ornaments (black and violet)

Christmas, such a beautiful time. End of November, time to think about Christmas decoration. When I was little I used to walk around the garden with my father to see which branch we would adopt this year. We needed a while for that. Once chosen, it was soon ready on the terrace, at least a week, until it was a bit dry. Every day I looked forward to the moment he was inside. And then the time had come. The pot was prepared and placed in the place where the Christmas tree always had its cutting. And the time had come to decorate it. The Christmas balls, the lights, everything was checked in advance and then hung up. A wonderful work that I can still enjoy today!

Lees hier verder in het Nederlands.

That is why I have now also ventured to crochet ornaments, different from the normal Christmas balls. Crocheting your own glittering Christmas decorations will enhance the Christmas feeling even more, along with my nostalgia feelings.

But, as it turned out, Christmas decorations for the tree, that didn’t seem so easy! A lot of variations have gone into this version, I’ve lost count :). But it worked, the pendants really turned out the way I want! And nothing is more fun when it’s homemade! Delicious.

Crochet glittering Christmas ornaments, a little different from usual, with this pattern it really has become possible.

I posted the pattern itself on Ravelry and Etsy. I can say that it is very easy. With a magic circle and fasting around you make the discs. The discs themselves are somewhat reinforced and attached together with paper yarn.


Stitches (US)

  • chain stitch 
  • slip stitch
  • simple crochet (sc)
  • magical ring
  • yarn over (yo)


22 stitches in a row and 25 rows makes a square of 10 by 10 cm 


Take a look at Etsy or Ravelry to get the pattern, with a foto tutorial and a written pattern in a table form so you can use the table as a row counter!

Also take a look at my other Christmas patterns, some are free others are available for a small price!

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Have fun crocheting this Christmas!

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