Easy pattern to crochet soft warm homely winter socks

Crochet warm winter socks to wear at home. Never again have cold feet on the couch in the evening! The wool is so warm and soft! And you know, I wear them all day now when I’m home.

A full pdf version of this pattern is available at Ravelry or Etsy!

Lees hier verder in het Nederlands.


In one of my previous posts I crocheted a mini sock for the Christmas tree. But later I thought, why not crochet a big warm sock for the home? My winter slippers from last year are worn to the thread! So time to crochet myself and especially socks with which I can sit on the couch in the evening! So nice isn’t it?

And… I don’t just wear them in the evening, but also during the day, they are so lovely and soft! πŸ˜… So start today to crochet warm winter socks. You can crochet 1 sock in one day!

Here you see a glimpse of the mini socks too :

Crochet pattern for cute little Christmas socks
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But now time for the bigger work and let’s start to crochet warm winter socks

warme winter sok


if you choose to crochet the striped socks then 2 balls grey (no. 14) and 2 balls white (no. 01). if in 1 color 4 balls of the same color


I made two sizes available πŸ˜€

size 36-38 and size 39-40. If you want a different size, just ask and I’ll make the right adjustments for you!

Stitches (US)

  • chain stitch (ch)
  • slip stitch (sl st)
  • simple crochet (sc)
  • double crochet (dc)
  • 3 half double cluster puff stitch (3 h dc cluster puff stitch)

The 3 h dc cluster puff stitch

To crochet warm winter socks we use the 3h dc cluster puff stitch to make bobbles. With this stitch the leg of the foot is made.

symbol of the 3 h dc cluster puff stitch

The 3 h dc cluster puff stitches are half double crochets that are worked in 1 underlying stitch. You put the needle in the stitch, 1 yarn over, put the needle in again, again 1 yarn over and then Insert the hook into the same stitch one last time. 1 yarn over. Now pull the hook through all the loops on your hook.

The different terms of a sock


This pattern is easy to follow. The sock is worked from the foot to the top of the sock.

The sock is crocheted in one piece, which means less sewing afterwards! There is a foto tutorial and a pattern chart. The stitches are single crochets, half double crochets and double crochets. There is also a picture tutorial of how to crochet the cluster puff stitch. This stitch is used to make the bobbles.

Foto tutorial


Start with 6/8 ch and work 6/8 sc along the top of the ch.
Work 6/8 sc along the bottom of the chain stitches.
From now on work around the 12/16 single crochets.
for the next step read the pattern chart for the correct number of stitches
If necessary, use a marker to mark the beginning of a round. Especially useful when crocheting with 1 color. The part for the toes is finished, from now on you can change colors. Each round consists of sc. Check the pattern table to see how many rows are needed.


for the next steps read the pattern chart for the correct number of stitches
Put a marker where the heel starts.Work several rows back and forth as described in the pattern chart. 
This is what it should look like after these rows.
Crochet single crochets to the middle of the heel.
Tuck the heel in half with the provisional open side of the foot facing up.
Crochet heel with slip stitches.
Crochet 1 chain.
Push the heel out.
Continue working towards the marker.
Turn and crochet heel 1 more time with single crochet.


for the next step read the pattern chart for the correct number of stitches
When crocheting the leg, we crochet in rounds again. Start with 2 rounds of sc. On the first round work the heel on the first single crochet of the foot.
Also on the first row work the heel to the foot from the other side with a single crochet.

Pattern chart

The pattern chart is easy to use. In the table is a progress column that can be used as a row counter! To use this row counter, get the pdf version in my Ravelry shop. In this post I give you the pattern chart for size 36-38, this is my size! I really don’t mean to brag. But hey, they look so cool! πŸ˜…

start with 6 chain stitches
row 1ch 2,  6sc   along top of chain
row 2sc 6 along the bottom of the chain
from now on we work in rounds to crochet the foot up to the heel, we start with 12 sc, do not close the rows, the foot is worked in a spiral
tour 32 sc in 1st sc, 2 sc in 2nd sc, 2 sc , 2 sc in 5th sc, 2 sc in 6th sc (top)2 sc in 7th sc, 2 sc in 8th sc, 2 sc, 2 sc in 11th sc, 2 sc in 12th sc (bottom)there are now 20 stitches
tour 42 sc in 1st sc, 8 sc, 2 sc in 12th sc (top)2 sc in 11th sc, 8 sc, 2 sc in 19th sc (bottom)there are now 24 stitches
tour 52 sc in 1st sc, 10 sc, 2 sc in 12th sc (top)2 sc in 13th sc, 10 sc, 2 sc in 24th sc (bottomthere are now 28 stitches, the increase is over
tour 6work 28 sc in the round
tour 7switch to white and crochet 28 sc
tour 8change to grey and crochet 28 sc
tour 9repeat round 7
tour 10repeat round 8
tour 11repeat round 9
tour 12repeat round 8
tour 13repeat round 9
tour 14repeat round 8
tour 15repeat round 9
tour 16repeat round 8
tour 17repeat round 9
tour 18repeat round 8
tour 19repeat round 9
tour 20repeat round 8
tour 21repeat round 9
row 22from now on we will start crocheting the heel in greywork 17 sc, place a marker on this last stitchcrochet 14 sc (1st row of the heel)
row 23ch 1, turn and work 14 sc back (to the marker)
row 24chain 1, turn and work 14 sc
row 25herhaal rij 24
row 26repeat row 24
row 27repeat row 24
row 28repeat row 24
row 29repeat row 24
row 30repeat row 24
row 31chain 1, turn and work 7 sc
row 32chain 1, fold the sock so that the temporary opening of the foot is at the top (opening towards you)work heel closed with 7 slip stitchespush the heel outwork 1 ch and work 7 sc towards marker
row 33work 1 chain turn and work 14 sc
tour 34from now on we will work in rounds again and start on the leg of the sockchange to white, make sure to work the 1st sc in the first free sc of the foot and work 30 sc, also half way at the transition at the heel, on the 1st sc from the heel. We end the rounds with a sl st
tour 35ch 1, skip 1 sc, sc 6, skip 1 sc, skip 1 sc, 6 sc, skip 1 sc, 6 sc, skip 1 sc, 6 sc (24 dc), close with sl st
tour 36ch 2, 2 dc, 1 3 cluster puff hdc in 1 dc, 3 dc, 1 3 cluster puff  hdc in 1 dc, repeat to end of round, close with sl st
tour 37ch 2 1 3 cluster puff hdc in 1 stitch, 3 dc, 1 3 cluster puff hdc in 1 stitch, repeat to end of round, end with 2 dc, close with slip stitch
tour 38repeat round 37
tour 39repeat round 38
tour 40change color to grey, ch 1, work 28 sc, join with a sl st
tour 41crochet 24 sc, join with a sl st,close and cut the thread.Time to tuck in all the wires!

These socks are so cosy and warm, so don’t wait too lang to start!

When finishing this project you will never have cold feet again!

xox Greet

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