Sunny summer shirt

Sunny summer sweater, great to wear

Do you also like summery breezy sweaters that are slightly different? Well then it is wonderful to crochet! The sweater crochet is very fun to do, especially, it is made from one piece! When the crochet is done, you just have to put in the start and end point and it’s done! Super right! The stitches used are also very easy, just chains and double crochets, nothing more! (except slip stitches to close tours, but that may not be the problem)

Hier kan je verder lezen in het Nederlands.

summery breezy sweater

The original

I crocheted this sweater after this example, based on the pattern, city break sweater from, it differs from the original as you see on the picture. The meows are left out and I also used other yarn, namely twirls. This is a cake yarn so I do not need 2 colors. Because of the gradient of the chosen Twirls – Golden Beryl. the shirt has a shiny golden effect!

You can of course choose to crochet the original sweater, but you might as well do this if, like me, you prefer short-sleeved sweaters. You follow the original pattern and just don’t crochet the meows. I made it for the size medium.

Small annecdote

The whole while crocheting is rather cumbersome and does not really look like a shirt when making it. My daughter did not like it, and now that it is finished, less than 5 minutes later I was told: “That is a nice sweater that hangs there!” Awesome isn’t it?!

Pattern of this sweater

As I mentioned earlier, I used twirls Golden Beryl (21). Tip: if you use other twirls, it is best to use one with a gradient in the same color. I only needed 1 ball for the sweater in the size medium, so for large you need 2, make sure to continue with the dark shade! Or you can use this as a second ball, the twirl variant without gradient, but I have not tried that myself.

Twirls golden beryl

I used no 4 as a hook pin.

The pattern

You can download the pattern here from The pattern is very easy to follow and explained very clearly. It is in Dutch, if you need a translation please let me know. Only do not crochet the piece of the meow. And as I mentioned at the beginning, only double crochets and chains so very easy!

How much time do you need to crochet it?

I made the shirt in about 2 weeks. Which is reasonably fast given the size and thickness of the yarn!

Good luck and have fun crocheting this shirt!


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