Little handy crochet tips I learned from my loving mother : part 1, how to wind yarn into a ball

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A brief history of how I grew up with crochet


Indeed, when I was a little girl, my mother mainly taught me how to crochet and knit. When people ask me how I learned all these things, my mom is definitely one of the main channels where I got all this knowledge. She was an artist in crochet and knitting. My mam spoiled my sister and I with handmade sweaters, scarves, hats, dolls, clothes for our dolls and much more to mention. For example, I also remember we both had crochet bikinis, pink ๐Ÿ˜€, so beautiful.

My wonder years

Of course I wanted to learn from her. As a small toddler I always sat next to her when she was doing magic with a needle and thread. “If you’re old enough, I’ll teach you too”, she said. Crocheting was going to be a challenge, she thought, given that I’m left-handed, and she wasn’t. But it didn’t become a problem at all, I learned it like I was right handed!

My first classes

My first classes started when I was 7. She first taught me that I crochet chain stitches, the basis of course. I made chains as long as possible, miles long in my eyes! Only when the chain stitches were equal enough, I could start to learn a single crochet. And again I worked whole patches with this stitch. And only if that stitch was even enough could I continue learning with a new stitch, and the story continues like this for the other stitches. I enjoyed it and was always challenged because I loved learning new stitches so much. From then on when she crocheted or knitted, I joined!

It is during these sessions that I learned many tips and tricks. It was sometimes a challenge to remember them. But whenever I had a problem, my mom kept telling me what I could do best to fix it when I forgot. One by one I want to share these tips with you too. But if you asked me, give me a full list now, I really couldn’t list them all at once. Only when I encounter a problem do they come back to me.

And here is the first tip I want to share with you.

What to do if both the end and the beginning of a ball of yarn are loose?

This is a real problem, it is becoming more common, now more than before. I didn’t like it as a child, as an adult I still don’t like it. How can producers make yarn balls so bad?
But my mom used to say, “God yes, it just is, we’ll just make a new ball of yarn!” “Phew, that’s a terrible job!”, I always answered my mom. But now I’m so glad I learned how to do it in a pretty easy way.

I’ll show you with this photo tutorial :

With this tip I hope you also benefit from this old but still current tip!

xox Greet!

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