Tip to never lose your cable and charger!

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We were late, I had to get my son and daughter to school on time. But as I started the car I realized I had left my phone and my charger at home. I sent my son to run as fast as he could to get them for me. He came running back with the phone but no charger, he had looked everywhere but could not find it. I dropped the kids off, on time, but my mood was gone for today. At home I looked for my charger and to my amusement it had been on the sofa, a place I never use to load my cellphone, I smiled to myself and said, never again! I had an idea!

Have you ever experienced the same? And you know a little bit of crochet? Then here comes my tip!

This is the best solution I ever had for my cable and charger! Now everyone in my family knows this is mam’s cable and the charger has to stay together with the cable, Have you seen the little pocket? I said to them, you may use it, but the charger and the cable has to stay together. Since I made it, I never lost it again!

How to crochet this gadget?


You just need a little bit of cotton. I used drops safran. I used this yarn also for my little snowmen. It is also best to choose a striking color, so you will find it even faster. This is ideal if you have to find it in your bag, for example, also something that I often have problems with!


To start, wire the yarn around the cable and crochet like you have to make single crochets. See the cable as a chain. Move the stitches very close together so that you no longer see the color of the cable. After this row, turn and make now a row af real single crochets.

Now it is time to crochet the little pocket for the charger. So turn and crochet x single crochets. For the x stands for 20, but this is applicable for my charger. Just measure this with you charger.

There after, crochet x (the same number x you have chosen in the previous paragraph, for me 20) chains and make a slip stitch with the first single crochet of the previous row to make a circle. After this, now you can crochet in the round. I needed 15 rows to crochet the pocket that suites my charger.

Easy, isn’t it? It only took me half an hour to crochet it and it will probably save me hours in far-reaching quests!! ๐Ÿ˜„Awesome!

So, this is a little post, but can make a huge difference for your daily life! If you have questions about it, don’t hesitate to contact me!

xox Greet!

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