How to crochet earrings

How to crochet earrings, here are a few things to know before you start to crochet earrings.

Do not crochet earrings with rings as a form to start with, but as a form you can use!

It was not that easy to crochet earrings as I hoped in this blog of mine. I was very excited to start. I saw so many examples and I just started to make them. But soon, some difficulties arise. In this blog I explain how to make handmade earrings but also the problems I had and the solutions I found!

Problem 1 : bubbles

The earrings I made were really not beautiful. I tried them on not looking first and my children who saw me, laughed at me, “mam they are ugly, take them off quickly!” I looked in the mirror and I knew instantly that they were right . They were really monstrous! My crochet earrings were not flat at all, they had bubbles and were far too big!

Solution for the bubbles

I was missing something and I did not know what. Why came these bubbles and how could I get rid of them? I did not had a clue. I had seen so many articles about how to crochet earrings but I did not found a suited solution.

But this morning I found suddenly this article and I knew at once what my problem was! Glue, I had to glue them in a special way.

This is how to do it : Take a tea spoon water and a tea spoon glue, mix it, put the earrings inside it, make the earrings moist enough, gently squeeze them out and dry them on a plate for 24 hours.

So this morning I started the experiment! I crocheted two little earrings , this only took me 15 min, not following any design, but just a simple rosette. I prepared the glue as explained above en wow… the result was really amazing!

Problem 2 : too big

I knew it long before, but I forgot, large earrings do not fit me at all and I only tried to crochet earrings using big rings following many examples. So as a result the earrings were too big! In the article I mentioned a solution to problem 1 they said just make a form you want to make. Me, I am not used to wear large earrings, so I decided to crochet a little rosette I like to wear myself.

As a result I made earrings I like to wear, not too big and not too small!

I had a lesson. Do not crochet earrings with rings as a form to start with, but as a form you can use. This is a huge difference!

In a later stadium I will try it again with the rings, but only if my design needs them!

So I hope you know now how to crochet earrings in a beautiful way!

No I finish this blog with a picture with the earrings I made myself and I am going to wear them with pleasure! Other earrings are following!


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