laptop sleeve made with recycled cotton

Laptop sleeve made with recycled cotton

Laptop sleeve with recycled cotton

Recently I found recycled cotton at a normal price. Indeed, it was not easy to find recycled cotton at a reasonable price that can be compared to other yarn. I don’t want to buy cotton that costs more than double the price as not recycled yarn!

The recycled yarn I found is available in 3 colours of blue. With this in mind I intent to make different laptop sleeves with this recycled cotton, maybe I also crochet one with a mixture of these colours.

I promised to myself to use more ecological yarn, and again I can make my promise true : “I’m not only saying it, but I’m also doing it!”

I’m not only saying it, but I’m also doing it!

the 3 colours of recycled cotton I found

How this recycled yarn feels

It feels a bit different from the other yarns I used. For this yarn I used hook number 4. This recycled yarn is thick but easy to split, sometimes I had to redo stitches because the wire was split and gave an ugly result for the next stitches. The wire itself feels soft, and I like this feeling.

Image of the wire, so you can see it splits very easy.

Lining a laptop sleeve

The laptop sleeve with recycled yarn really needs lining, otherwise the sleeves aren’t sturdy enough. So it took me more work to finish the job. I also used rest of fabrics, just to keep in order with my own rules of making a laptop sleeve with recycled materials!

Lining a laptop sleeve is not that easy, making the inside bag is an easy job, but sewing it into the sleeve is difficult, especially because there is also a zipper sewed into it. It is excellent to hide the border of the zipper, but it is a bit tricky, and like I mentioned in another post, I don’t like sewing. Crocheting the zipper isn’t an option here, because the yarn is too thick.

Like a said, making an inside bag is not very difficult, I used my “old fashion” sewing machine, I think she is 30 years old now. I’ve got it as a birth gift of my husband, we weren’t married yet! But she is still working like a charm! I think I didn’t needed a quarter to sew the bag. But thereafter, it took me several hours to sew it into the sleeve!

inside the laptop sleeve
detail of the lining of the laptop sleeve

Och no!

After lining I had a huge problem! Auch, grrrr,…!

The laptop sleeve was too narrow for my laptop sleeve of 14 inch! Because of the bag inside of it, the sleeve was too small now!!!! Isn’t there any solution to dis? No way, I was going to remake it, just because the result is so beautiful!

I couldn’t live with this, I had to think of a solution!

Eureka! I only had to make a second one, a taller one, I just had to make a bigger bag. I started to crochet, sewed a bigger inside bag and my laptop sleeve of 14 inch was ready. Normally I crochet a 14″ laptop sleeve as a model and I want to stick to this solution. But I certainly can live with this solution, hopefully someone will be glad with the smaller one! My problem is solved again!


Now both sleeves are available in my shop. But of course I want you to show also some pictures of the laptop sleeve I’m proud of.

Eco crochet!

I like crochet, but I also like our planet, so this laptop sleeve is not my only project with ecological yarn. See also this posts :

Other laptop sleeves

Look at this page to have a glimp of the other laptop sleeves I crocheted. All sleeves are made with care and passion in a modern way!

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