velvet laptop sleeve : finished detail of zipper

Soft velvet laptop sleeve

Why making a soft velvet laptop sleeve?

Soft, stylish, chique and glimmering

One of the reasons I chose velvet is that velvet is very soft and this is a good thing to protect a laptop. Although the laptop sleeve will be lined inside, the softness of the sleeve will have an effect!

The first one I have made is black, this gives the sleeve an even more stylish touch. I’ll make the next one in nougat brown, but as I see the ball yarn, it will have a golden glance! Och I’m also so excited to start crocheting this one too! But first this black one!

Velvet fabrics also gives a glimmering effect to products, so when products are made with velvet,  these product are getting more stylish and chique. So in one word, velvet is glamour!

I liked velvet as a child and I still do

An other reason, why I want to make velvet laptop sleeves is that I always liked velvet. In my childhood (the 70’s) velvet was common, children wore velvet clothes many times. It was soft, not difficult to wash, no ironing needed etc. But to me, as I remember, it was just very soft to wear, I could play with it and I don’t had to pay attention to my clothes.

Velvet short for children
red velvet dress for little girls

But velvet was not only used to make play clothes, also more classy clothes for girls and trousers for boys were made with velvet. I still know I had a beautiful red velvet dress, I was always very happy to wear my velvet dress for going to family diners! My mom was happy too, less work to iron! The dress I had resembles a lot like the one shown.

Always hungry to invent new things

And of course, the last reason, I’m always hungry to invent new thingscurious to try new yarns, and want to detect if other yarns are well suited for the accessories I make. Now I’m making  laptop sleeves and I as I like velvet I certainly must try velvet too to crochet them.

The velvet yarn I used

After some research I found  Velvet of Go Handmade to crochet the laptop sleeve. There are various colours available, and these are the ones I first bought. I needed just 3 balls to finish a 14 inch laptop sleeve. Here I show some examples of the yarn I bought.

Crocheting with this yarn feels pretty, but I had a problem with my first ball. The ball was completely messed up halfway my work and I could not untangle it, there was no other option then using the scissors to cut the wire… I hated the idea, but it was the only way to solve after hours spending to try to untangle it. With the next balls I was smarter, I unwinded them from the beginning into new balls, so I could avoid this problem! I know my mother did that too with difficult yarn. So if you use this yarn too, this is a great tip and it saves lots of time and stress!


making a new ball of yarn

Lining is absolutely necessary, even double lining!

Some other laptop sleeves I made with ribbon for example (I describe them in laptop sleeves ) are sturdy by themselves. But I think this one is totally different, because of the super softness.

Now, the zipper is pinned inside the sleeve, and after trying it on my computer it is obvious that it needs to be lined so it will be more sturdy. Otherwise I wouldn’t trust my laptop inside this sleeve. Double lining is surely needed, to prevent the sleeve to be soon out of shape , for this matter I have thick soft lining fabrics, special to harden bags. This fabrics is also used for the ecological laptop sleeves. With this material I’m ready to create a beautiful, sustainable, reliable and ultra soft velvet laptop sleeve! Below you see in images how to prepare a laptop sleeve to be more sturdy!

velvet laptop sleeve unlined, zipper pinned inside

As first, I pinned the zipper inside. Here you already see, that the result is too soft to let it unlined

velvet laptop sleeve, zipper pinned inside

In detail, the zipper pinned inside, next job is to sew it inside. But before doing that, it is better to prepare the materials to line the laptop sleeve.

velvet laptop sleeve, sturdy lining aside

Picture of the sturdy fabrics to put inside the laptop sleeve.

velvet laptop sleeve : beautiful lining to hide the ugly sturdy lining

The more beautiful fabrics for lining the laptop sleeve, it’s function is simply hiding the ugly sturdy lining material!

velvet laptop sleeve : lining pinned

Here you see the lining at the outside, so I could see if everything fits together.

velvet laptop sleeve : close up of lining

Detail of the zipper, pinned with the lining.

velvet laptop sleeve, sturdy lining aside as a test

A preview of the looks of the soft laptop sleeve, it will certainly be more sturdy! All I have to do, is sewing!

Velvet laptop sleeve finished!

Now I can only show the finished laptop sleeve. It is very beautiful and very sturdy too! It took a little bit of extra effort to line it, but now it certainly looks much better now! If you like it, this laptop sleeve is available at my shop handmadeRoseBag!

velvet laptop sleeve : finished

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