My own Shop!

Exclusive bags, sleeves, backpacks, baskets and more

I own an online shop on Etsy, Here, I present you an overview of all of my items I made myself. As you will see I made handy exclusive laptop sleeves and bags. When you see an item you really like but you prefer other colors or sizes, please don’t hesitate to contact me! (

Crocheted Laptop Sleeves

My main topic are laptop sleeves. These sleeves are sturdy, what’s necessary for your laptop. Again, I can make all of these sleeves in different colors and sizes. Visit them here! But also, I show some examples of my handmade crocheted laptop sleeves!

Measure the dimensions of your laptop and choose the right size for your laptop sleeve based on the figure below!

Crocheted Bags

I made a lot of beautiful bags, summer bags, tote bags.

And of course the list will grow with other beautiful crocheted things in the near future!

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