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Exclusive bags, sleeves, backpacks, baskets and more

I own an online shop on Etsy, Here, I present you an overview of all of my items I made myself. As you will see I made handy exclusive bags, sleeves, backpacks, baskets and more. When you see an item you really like but you prefer other colours or sizes, please don’t hesitate to contact me! (

Crocheted Bags

I made a lot of beautiful bags, summer bags, tote bags. The yarns I used are cotton, tencel, and line. Some bags are also displayed in my posts. 

Crocheted Laptop Sleeves

I also made laptop sleeves. These sleeves are sturdy, what’s necessary for your laptop. Again, I can make all of these sleeves in different colours and sizes. I explain more about sturdy sleeves on the page about sleeves.

Crocheted top

I also made a top. Read more of this top on summer cotton top to know more about how I crocheted it!

Face masks

Fabric face masks are now also available in the etsy shop. In my post about face masks you will find out why I don’t crochet them. I can now also sew, a new art that I also love to do!

Crocheted Accessories

There are alsoother accessories in the shop for sale like sun hats, pencil cases!

In my blog you also find a free pattern to make this pencil cases on your own. The post is : pencil case free pattern

Join my dear subscribers to receive a free pattern of this summer hat!

Crocheted Baskets

And I have also made cute baskets in sturdy ribbon!

In my blog I explain more about these baskets. These blogs are : little pink basketlovely fruit basket and making a basket with ribbon.

Crocheted Little Backpacks

Also little backpacks are available. These are very handy as sport bags at school. My daughters uses one of these to go to her sports lessons.

As I already mentioned, some of the bags or accessories are described in different blogs. In these blogs I explain how I made them, the techniques I used and other things who are worth to know! You see the most recent blogs on page.

And of course the list will grow with other beautiful crocheted things in the near future!