How to make the environment better with a Greek style cotton bag made of ecological yarn

How to make the environment better with a Greek style cotton bag made of ecological yarn

06/05/2019 3 By Greet

Ecological Greek style cotton summer bag

I like a Greek style cotton bag

Summer bag

This cotton bag can be used during summer time! Take a towel, your sunglasses, a pull, a bikini and a lot more and go to the beach with this bag. Put even a picknick inside it!

Greek style cotton bag
Greek style cotton bag


I made this bag with an eye for the climate, the yarn is purely ecologically manufactured (GOTS label). The wire is thicker so I could crochet fast. Good to know, this bag is crochet around, so that there is no seam whatsoever. Nice so I didn’t have to sew!

Greek style

original Greek old mosaic tiles

I designed the pattern myself. It’s based on Greek old mosaic, refer to the image above. However the showed greek mosaic seems very easy, to crochet it, was a bit more tricky. It was a bit difficult to count and to know when to switch from colour. Both wires are kept together, it make changing easier and it also makes the bag sturdier.

I think I didn’t make any mistakes, but never be too sure. I think the old Greek did make mistakes too in this kind of drawings, don’t you think?

The different blue colours are a reference to the blue see near the coasts of Greece and lets me dream of a holiday on one of the islands of Greece. And to make you also dream, here I show a picture of a beach in Crete. You see, the bag suites very well there? Isn’t it?

Holiday on Crete
Holiday at Crete

Where to find this bag?

You can find this greek style bag made of ecological yarn in my Etsy shop, as well as a lot of other designs! You can also navigate to my handmade shop, there is a complete overview of all other designs of other summer bags, shoulder bags and backpacks.

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