Free pattern to crochet in no time a beautiful rose with an easy readable pattern made by a new design tool

Free pattern to crochet a little rose

I share a free pattern to crochet a simple rose, it is the rose that you see in my logo! I share it because I really love this rose and it is so easy to make!

Is there really a need for such a tool?

This pattern has been drawn in a new tool that I am developing so that patterns can be read by everyone. This rose pattern is definitely a good choice to get started.

Is there really a need for such a tool? Very sure! Sometimes I hear and see on social media that patterns are difficult to understand, especially if it is written a foreign language. It is such a shame that people who would like to crochet something cannot do it because of this language problem.

Existing symbols of used stitches that are known around the world are not thrown away, certainly not, they are even used in the new tool! Only extras are added to the tool that make the written pattern superfluous.

Hopefully I can already convince you of the benefit with this pattern!

First example of the pattern made with the tool

On the image below you can see the design of the small rose worked out in the new tool. A legend has been added with the known symbols for the different stitches!

Pattern of the rose

I hope the image is so simple that it no longer needs an explanation, but to be complete, the full explanation of the pattern:

The pattern worked out with the tool may look complex. But the tool will certainly prove its worth in somewhat larger projects, I am really sure of that!

In subsequent messages, patterns will now always be created with this new tool, but they will also always be translated into written language. This will then show that patterns made with the new tool are often more concise than those in written language!

How you should finish the rose

Back to the little rose. What to do with the chain?

Roll the chain in different rounds and pull it into a good and beautiful shape. Then sew it together with two stitches and a beautiful rose will appear! Put a safety pin on the back of the rose and get a brooch that everyone is jealous of!

A video explains it even more how you finish the flower!

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Free pattern to crochet in no time a beautiful rose with an easy readable pattern made by a new design tool”

  1. I guess I read the new tool wrong.after turning, I thought I was to dob2 sc in each sc across. Not 2 sc then 6 DC..

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