Laptop sleeve with a pocket

Laptop sleeve with a pocket

New design: laptop sleeve with a pocket


A pocket

A lot of time we need a laptop sleeve with a pocket. Why? Well, when we have a laptop we also have a cable and a loader. And as we travel a lot these times, we inevitable have to take these accessories with us. So it is handy when we have the opportunity to put them away in an appropriate way. That’s why I made a brand new laptop sleeve with a pocket.


A crooked pocket

And just like the way I am — I like a bit of chaos –, I hooked it not right on,  the pocket is attached in a crooked way. But as a major advantage of this weird property the open side is very wide, so it is very easy to put both a cable and an adapter inside the pocket! I also attached a handy beautiful button on it, so the cable and the adapter will not fall out.


Pocket hooked onto the sleeve

Like you see on the pictures I hooked the pocket onto the sleeve.I prefer to do this then sewing it together. Just because I like the result more, as you see it is more like a chain on it, like the whole work is made from one!

hooked pocket

Weave stitch

I used a kind of weave stitch. Yes, a kind of, because there exists a lot of weave stitches. I like weave stitch, the end result has a relief look and doesn’t give us an annoying look. It is also an easy stitch and at the same time not annoying when crocheting. You constantly have to change between a single crochet and a double crochet, I like this variety, simple and constant.

Here you see a detail of this stitch.


detail of weave stitch


I used drops paris, a beautiful cotton yarn of a good quality. The yarn is thick and robust. There are several colours available of this yarn. In the picture below you see a selection of some available colours.

Recycled cotton

And one major advantage of drops paris, they also provide a recycled version of this yarn! There are 4 different kinds of blue. In the picture below you see four different versions the provide.


laptop sleeve with recycled drops paris

The laptop sleeve available in my shop!

I made the sleeve above int the colour cerise, but of course when you want to order this sleeve in my etsy shop you can pick your favourite colour! 

(Psst…ask me for a special 2-colour customization! You can choose a different colour for the pocket, making your sleeve stand out even more.)

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