How to make a basket with ribbon

How I decided making a lovely basket

I started making a lovely basket as a solution of two scraps of ribbon yarn from two of my other projects pink bag XL and laptop sleeve . If you are interested in laptop sleeves you can read more about them in the article laptop sleeves.

What to do with scraps of yarn? It was not enough to make a new bag or sleeve. I really don’t like all this little scraps, after a while it’s a mess.

Even if you think colours don’t fit together, just give it a try! Retry, retry and retry, only this way you learn!

Making a lovely basket in two colours resolved my problem! I never thought that these two colours would match, but I tried. The result is really nice! I had to learn it too, even if you think these colours don’t fit together, just give it a try! The result is amazing! Isn’t it?

Making of a lovely basket made of ribbon cotton in two colours
Making a lovely basket with ribbon yarn

First I tried with the same stitch as the shoulder bag, the result was a disaster… It was a huge monster but I didn’t give up, I just put it away, started something else, and after a while I came with another idea. Restart it with another stitch, and….yep, here is the result! So, here is a second tip: never give up, retry, retry, only this way you learn!

basket filled with cactus as an example
cactus as an example how to fill the basket

A little bit more about the yarns a used.

The ribbon I used you find in I’m sure there will be other places to find good ribbon. I used two different ribbons of this online shop, ribbon of and ribbon of Mayflower. I prefer the second one but it is not 100 % of cotton. It is a little bit more sturdy, but both yarns are good, don’t misunderstood me, I like them both and I used them both!

Later on I will create a list where you can find other ribbon, but only when I used it myself!

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