Beautiful and sturdy laptop sleeves

Beautiful and sturdy laptop sleeves

Where to buy laptop sleeves? Here you can buy them, and they are very sturdy and beautiful too, some are made with ecological yarn too! Here, you can read more about this handmade laptop sleeves. You find them too in handmadeRoseBag’s store.

Laptops really need sturdy sleeves!

Beautiful and sturdy laptop sleeves

Sometimes children have laptops to take to school. Also students carry them in loose bags. So they are in need of really sturdy laptop sleeves. Laptops are not only not cheap, but they also have an emotional value, they contain lots of information they certainly can not lose. But not only children and students are in interest of sturdy sleeves. Me too I feel more comfortable with a good sleeve. These are all reasons why I decided to make laptop sleeves with sturdy ribbon of cotton so they are BEAUTIFUL too! This is a way better then black en grey laptop sleeves!

I have made some prototypes of handmade sturdy fancy laptop sleeves in different sizes and colours. All variations are shown in my etsy shop, where you can buy these laptop sleeves. Send a mail to if you want other sizes or colours of them, that’s not a problem at all!

Ecological laptop sleeve, a prototype more explained!

I was also working on an ecological laptop sleeve made with tencel yarn. You can read more about tencel in this article


Look at an ecological laptop sleeve to know more about how I’m making this sleeve.

Making a laptop sleeve beautiful in soft tencel is not that hard, but making it sturdy is an other question. It’s quite difficult to make a tencel laptop sturdy. The sleeve has to be lined with a sturdy material. I bought some…, and now I have to try to sew it inside the sleeve. So the story still goes on, the laptop sleeve is still working in progress!

Only a little minus : the material I bought is not ecological, so far, now it is ecological for a part of it, I hope some day I find another more ecological solution.

Pink laptop sleeve, a special stitch with ribbon!

I made several laptop sleeves in ribbon, here I show you a sleeve with a special stitch. It gives the sleeve a more relief look! As you see every detail , like the zipper of the sleeve is finished with passion and care!

pink laptop sleeve

In my blog you find many posts of how and why these sleeves are made!