laptop sleeve with crocheted zipper

How to avoid zipper troubles : crochet instead of sewing

Crochet a zipper for the first time

I’m mostly stuck when it comes to sewing a zipper, not one of my favourite things to do. I saw that some crochet a zipper! Maybe that’s also a solution for me. So I started but I can truly say, it’s not that easy, but in en earlier post I said, try and try again. ( in a new tab)). One day I will be an expert in it!

So I try to explain in a nutshell how I did it in only four steps.

1. Sew around the zipper

This is the easiest step, though very important. The only step you have to sew! The first image shows a detail of the sew work, and the second picture shows the result.

2. Crochet around the zipper

Now you can crochet around the zipper. The result is this :

detail of crocheting a zipper
detail of crocheting a zipper
second detail of a zipper
other site of the zipper

3. Join the zipper and your work together with pins

Just be patient and do it very slowly in the beginning, if you see bubbles are coming do the previous step again! I did it tree times over and over again, until I was happy about it.

4. Crochet the zipper and your work together

Start crochet everything together in a cautious way you see that everything is matching. It’s very important, so you don’t create bubbles around it. And after trial and error, no I’m very pleased with my work, and I like it even more than all the other zippers I sewed! The effort was it worth.

result of crocheting a zipper in a laptop sleeve
result of crocheting a zipper in a laptop sleeve

I end this article by mentioning that I used tencel to crochet around the zipper, but of course you can use almost any yarn to do this!

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