How to make a lovely fruit basket

Creating a basket

I show a few pictures of this prototype! I made a second one, so I prepared a method of how to crochet a basket in an easy way with pictures of different stages!

Yarn to use for this lovely fruit basket

The best yarn to use to make a basket is a ribbon yarn. The yarn must be sturdy! I use for example ribbon may flower ( ). There will be certainly other yarns suited to make baskets. I make a list later on!

Method of how to crochet a basket

Start a magic loop

You can find many pictures or videos of how to start a magic loop on the net, it ‘s the most beautiful way to start the bottom of this lovely fruit basket, any basket.

I started a magic loop whit 8 chainstitches.

Make a round with ± 8 tours

  • In the first round you double all single crochets.
  • The second tour you double one single crochet, hook one single crochet, double one single crochet, etc.
  • The third tour you double one single crochet, hook two single crochets, double the third single crochet, etc
  • You go further like this until the last tour.

But here I’ve got a very important tip, start each tour not with doubling a single crochet, but the second or the next, and start then doubling. Start the next tour on an other count of single crochets. When you crochet this way, the round is becoming a real round, in the other case your rosette will have more a form of an octagon.

Crochet a border

How to create a border? I use raised single crochets. The border of the rosette is raising up in a handy way this manner.

Crochet a couple of tours

Crochet a couple of tours, as many as you like and you have a result like in the pictures above. You can use any stitches you like! Also changing of colours is one of the things I like to do!

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