How to crochet a winter ear warmer that looks complicated but is easy to crochet!

Find out how to crochet this earmuff that looks complicated but isn’t at all.

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I’m probably not the only one with cold ears during these cold winter days. Yes, a hat can come in handy, but an ear warmer is often a better solution for me! When cycling I usually put on a helmet, it is much safer on the road. But my helmet, and most helmets I suspect, have slits and so when I ride a bike, I feel cold anyway. Then an ear warmer is really ideal to wear under the helmet. I find an ear warmer nice and warm and cozy under my helmet. An ear warmer will therefore never be missing in my bicycle bag, I really always want to have it with me! So I started with a pattern that is really not that difficult to crochet!

The ear warmer is crocheted with one of my favorite yarns, cookie. I have already made many accessories with this yarn, such as a super puffed beanie, a snuggly scarf, and a soft puffed beanie. I’m also working on a hooded scarf with this yarn. Also sea my pattern page, there you can see them all at once!

As the title says, the ear warmer looks difficult, but it actually isn’t. So don’t be put off by the photo of the finished ear warmer. While writing the pattern, I took several photos. For example, you can see the result after most rows, and you can see that the result looks strange after finishing some rows, but this is really normal …



  • v-puff stitch
  • foundation chain with single crochets


I used the same gauge as in one of my previous posts, an easy pattern to crochet a beanie.

proeflapje bohemian shawl

Start with a chain of 18 stitches + two stitches extra. Make a first puff -stitch with tree loops in in the third chain. Make another puff-stitch in same stitch. Skip one stitch and make another V-puff -stitch (two puff stitches in the same stitch). in the next stitch. After the 5th V-puff stitch turn and start another new row. Make V-puff-stitches in de middle of the V-puff stitches of the previous row. You should get a square of 10cm by 10cm.


1Foundation chainwith 64 stitches, close with a slip stitch on the first stitch of the foundation chain
2V- puff stitchStart with 2 chains. Crochet a V- puff-stitch in every stitch. Two puff stitches in on stitch is a V-puff-stitch. Close the round with a slip stitch
first row of V-puffed stitches
Be careful not to twist this circle, the circle curls up a lot and it’s easy to turn the circle wrong!
3V-puff stitchStart with 2 chains. Crochet a V-puff-stitch in each middle of a V-puff-stitch of the previous round. Repeat until the end of the row. Close the round with a slip stitch
V puff stitch in a previous V puff stitch
This second row is much easier!
4V-puff stitchRepeat round 3
5V-puff stitchRepeat round 3
6Single crochetStart with 1 chain. Crochet a single crochet in the middle of every V-puff stitch. Close the round with a slip stitch

The curling is counteracted by the single crochets. The single crochets pull the puff stitches together.
7V-puff stitchStart with 2 chains. Crochet a V-puff stitch in each single crochet of the previous round. Close with a slip stitch
ear warme 7th row
Oops, the curling will start again! But you really don’t have to worry about that!
8V-puff stitchStart with 2 chains. Crochet a V-puff stitch in the middle of every V-puff stitch of the previous round. Close with a slip stitch.
ear warmer row 8
9V-puff stitchRepeat round 8
10V-puff stitchRepeat round 9
ear warmer row 10
It looks a bit strange now, but in the next round everything will be fine!
11Single crochetRepeat round 6
winter ear warmer row 11
You see, the ear warmer has now taken on its real shape!
12Single crochetLast row, crochet single crochets on the single crochets of row 11. Close with a slip stitch.
ear warmer row 12
This last round of single crochets provides a nice finish to the ear warmer.

So in only 12 tours this ear warmer is made. Not that difficult isn’t it? I made this ear warmer in half a day, I dare you to make it even faster!

Enjoy this pattern!

xox Greet

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