Tips of how to crochet an awesome snuggly scarf

In this post I will give a few handy tips of how to crochet an awesome snuggly scarf. If you follow these tips, I assure you that you can crochet a scarf that feels great and will look simply amazing!

If you don’t have the time to make a scarf yourself, here in my etsyshop you also get the opportunity to get this super soft winter scarf!

Lees hier de Nederlandse versie.

If you want to crochet an infinity scarf then I refer you to this post.

Crochet this beautiful glitter infinity scarf
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Tip 1 : Find a ‘look and feel’ of the yarn that suites for a snuggly and warm scarf.

The look and feel of a yarn is very important to choose the right yarn to crochet your cozy and warm scarf. By ‘look’ I mean what the yarn looks like, the look must be comfortable and the ‘feel’ must be warm and not irritating. For me, the first glimpse and first touch of the yarn is the start to feel connected to the yarn.

There are mainly 2 options to find the right look and feel for your yarn:

  • a local shop
  • an online shop

Option a : a local shop

This is always a difficult process. I used to go to a yarn store in the town where I lived. Yes sure, these stores are still around and I’m glad they still are! There you certainly have the opportunity for a real ‘look and feel’ of the yarn. It is still a good option, although the number of such wool shops is dwindling.

The owner of the store is also a great help in choosing the right yarn. Normally, wool shop owners have a lot of experience with every yarn they sell. It’s like in a bookstore: a store owner needs to know every book he or she sells. Just ask them anything you want to know about the yarn you want, the project you plan on doing! If they love our hobby, with their help you will get the best yarn for your project. Before crocheting a scarf, ask for a cozy yarn that does not irritate, a good tip, make sure that the yarn you buy approaches wool so that it does not irritate.

wool store
Wool store, Image by Bernd Hildebrandt from Pixabay

Option b : an online shop

icon made by

If you don’t have the option to go to a physical store, the net is also a great solution! “But in online stores you only have the look”, I hear you think.

Yes indeed, the look is even multiplied by thousands in these shops. Just search for online stores and you’ll find dozens of them in a minute!

But there is also a feeling in these stores. They try to give you a feeling of up close, they try to replace the feeling with many other online tools they have, thankfully πŸ˜€! Here I list a few of their tools to simulate the feeling.

  • read all reviews
  • have a good look at images
  • read the description completely
  • subscribe to newsletters,
  • follow on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest
  • follow bloggers like me πŸ™‚

Read all reviews

The feeling can be partially replaced by the experience of other people on the net. For example, there are a lot of reviews available. By reading it, you will get a lot of information: how does the yarn fit, why crocheters crocheted with this yarn, what did they make with it, would they buy it again, how the yarn fits, etc. All these questions are very important and these are just those questions you would ask the store owner if it were a real store.

Have a good look at photos

Another substitute for the feel is to look at photos that the store shows. This is already very close to the look I know. But a very detailed photo of the yarn also gives you an almost feel of the yarn.

Read descriptions

Reading the description will also give you an idea of ​​what the yarn consists of. Here for our scarf, we are looking for an excellent wool replacement. This description eliminates the products that are not suitable for your project. Also, for our snuggly scarf we don’t need cotton, we absolutely need ‘warm’ yarn to make our scarf snug and warm.

Subscribe to mailing lists

And don’t forget, if stores have a mailing list, it’s always a good idea to sign up. These e-mails often list which yarns they offer, read this carefully, even if you do not need the yarn right now. You have it in mind the next time you start a new project. It’s probably something you don’t think about at all, but it helps when the time is right!
Promotions are also announced and if you already have an idea for a next project, these offers are ideal for preparing! You may even be so lucky that the chosen yarn is in an action, you never know!

Follow stores on social media

Social media is also a very rich resource in finding your yarn. Many of the online stores have a Facebook page, and an Instagram account where they regularly post what they have in their store, new yarns they have, and promotion announcements. In this way, social media has the same function as the mailing list.

Follow bloggers

And last but not least: follow bloggers like me. If they provide a pattern, they will most likely give you which yarns are possible. So here at handmadeRoseBag,be you are also at the right place πŸ˜€!

Tip 2 : Search for a thick stitch that makes the scarf snug

I have a board on Pinterest where I collect a lot of stitches that I do like. Sometimes when I’m in a Pinterest mood I look for new stitches that I’m interested in. Whenever I think there is a chance to use in the future, I add the stitch to this board. As you can see, there are many, it has become a rich library πŸ˜…!

For the scarf we need a stitch that feels comfortable and warm. I just have to glance at this board and I quickly find a suitable stitch for my new project. The puff stitch!
For a winter scarf I definitely recommend a thick stitch, a thick stitch will easily boost the cozy factor for your scarf.

Here are some stitches I pinned in this Pinterest board :

Tip 3: Crochet your scarf wide and long enough

To make the scarf as cuddly as possible, make the scarf quite wide. Mine is 12 inches wide. The cozy effect grows how wider you make the scarf.
The purpose of using the scarf is also important. For example, I cycle a lot, this limits the width limit, for example 30 cm is therefore sufficient, otherwise it would be too wide to be comfortable.
It is also important to make it long enough, this way you will have no problem turning the scarf a few times. But here too, make sure it doesn’t get too long!

Tip 4: Choose a color that feels warm or feels stylish.

Option a : black or gray

If you prefer a scarf that is chic and stylish and that’s all you want, it’s best to go for black or dark gray. Another advantage of this choice is that it goes with everything you wear! Dark scarves are also ideal for dinner parties, but then the function of the scarf is completely different and it is better to choose lighter yarn.

Option b : a cool color like purple

Usually you wear a scarf in cold and dark times. It is therefore very natural to choose a color that enhances this feeling. Those colors that emphasize this effect are usually dark.

color circle, warm colors on top, cold int the bottom

We can split the color circle in the middle into two color categories, namely the warm and the cool colors. The warm colors are yellow, yellow-orange, orange, red-orange, red and even light green. The cool colors are purple, blue purple, blue, teal, green, and yellow-green.

So choose a color for your scarf in the bottom half of the circle above.

Option c : a melange of cold colors with a touch of warm colors.

I personally think this is the best choice. This choice will make your scarf look cozy. To emphasize this effect, you can opt for stripes. Then crochet wider stripes with the cold colors and smaller stripes with warm colors.
There are also excellent cake yarns that provide a good variety of cold and warm colors. This way you don’t have to worry about the width of the different stripes! They come automatically and are also very beautiful. I crocheted such a scarf as you can see below.

Tip 5 : Follow one of these patterns

As an example I made two different scarves. A black scarf and a scarf with a mix of different colors by choosing a good cake yarn. Both scarves are crocheted with the puff stitch, I chose this stitch, so both scarves are nice and thick!

Here you will find more information about this stitch.

Black scarf

black velvet scarf



I took another color, to make the pictures more clear!

Start with a chain of 40 stitches. Crochet two extra chains and turn.

Start the first row wit sc in the third chain.

Turn. Crochet two chains. Make a two-loop puff stich in the first sc of the previous row. Skip a sc of the previous row and make a two-loop puff stitch and the next sc. Repeat until the end of the row.

End the row with a last puff stitch. Turn and crochet two chains.

Crochet a puff stitch after the last puff stich of the previous row. Continue with puff stitches in the holes of the puff stitches of the previous row to the end of the current row. Start other rows like this and stop until your scarf has the length you wish!

Bohemian scarf

snuggly shawl
bohemian snuggly scarf


  • hook : 4,5
  • puff stitch with 3 loops
  • cookie yarn color bohemian


proeflapje bohemian shawl

Start with 10 chains + 2 extras. Make 5 V-puff stitches, start on the third chain.. Crochet 9 rows. You should become a square of 10 cm by 10 cm


Start with a chain of 60 stitches. After that crochet 2 extra stitches. Now make a first row with 60 sc by starting in the 3th stitch. Turn and make 3 chains. Start wit a double crochet in the first sc of the previous row. Skip one stitch and make your first puff stitch as you see in the picture.

Make a next puff stitch in the same stitch. Now you become a v-puff-stitch.

Skip two sc of the previous row and make 2 puff stitches in the same sc, a v-puff stitch.

Crochet these v-like stitches for the whole row. You end with 60 v-like puff stitches.

Turn, start again with two chains.

Start with a puff stitch in the first hole you see

Make a v-puff stitch in the next v-puff stitch of the previous row.

End the row with a last puff stitch, not a v-stitch. Turn and make again 2 chains.

Make a puff stitch in the first hole of the row

Continue now further now like this row for the following rows.

Crochet as many rows as you want!

So for now I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope this post is very useful. With these tips to crochet an awesome snuggly scarf, I made several of them.

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Greet from!

PS. I just finished a beanie with the same yarn. You get a full free pattern of this beanie here!

Thanks and see you soon!

xox Greet

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