Why I want to make modern stunning earrings

A new step, crochet modern stunning earrings!

Today I received my order with bol.com. I ordered rings and little hooks! All in gold, yeh, I’m very excited about this. I can’t wait to start! I’m taking a new step, a new step forward. Now I’m going to create modern stunning earrings too! Yes, it is also possible to crochet them. And this is again for me a challenge!

Every step, is a step forward!

What I need

Designs of modern stunning earrings

They are going to be wonderful. But it will be a challenge to create earrings as beautiful as the ones who inspire me on pinterest. I created a board with some awesome ideas as you can see.


So I’m going to make them myself and as almost always I am going to create them myself, that’s a promesse! First I am going to make an example I ‘m going to ware, then for my daughter too and if she finds them adorable, and she is not that easy, then they will be ready for everyone! Awesome, isn’t it? I can’t wait to start and to show some earrings created by myself, with the label handmadeRoseEarring!

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