How to beat the climate with crocheted bags

Nowadays everybody knows the problems of our climate. Even the smallest efforts can help stop this evolution. Me too, I want to help to beat the climate change with my crochet projects. I discuss how I help to beat the climate in 2 different ways with my crochet!

  1. Reusable bags to go shopping
  2. Crochet with ecological cotton

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1.Reusable bags to go shopping

Daily shopping

I go daily to our little supermarket in our community by e-bike! A year ago, I used to do it by car, but my husband transformed my former common bike into an e-bike! Because of severe back problems only this bike is good for me. So this was a first step! This has nothing to do with crochet., but  I tell it here, because it also helps the climate! 

Now I list a few tips about crochet with an eye for the climate!

First tip : crochet a bag like mine or buy one of mine of course 🙂

I have made a lot of bags that are suitable to do regular shoppings, I also use one of my own. If you don’t like crochet yourself you can get one at my shop! All these bag are well suited as reusable bags!

Second tip : crochet around a reusable bag

Another tip, I haven’t done it yet, is to crochet around a reusable bag. This is one of my next projects! As shown in the picture below, you can buy a jute bag or a reusable bag in your supermarket, and then crochet around such a bag. As shown in picture below a crocheted bag of you can change the look of a common reusable bag into a beautiful modern one, also they have many patterns to make them! Such a bag makes your shopping in the supermarket much more pleasant! However you don’t have the problem of going to a store with a bag of another store!

Unplanned shopping

What do I mean with unplanned shopping? Well, you go out, just for a walk and suddenly you see something you really like. You get into the store, you buy and…oops no bag! You buy one, hopefully it’s a paper bag, but it is possible that the store only sells plastic bags! So take this advice, always take a bag with you inside your bag, or inside your bicycle bags. Just avoid to buy such bags, it saves the climate and however it saves you money too! These bags can be crocheted like I do, you find them in many formats and colours in many shops!

Planned shopping

When you go out to do some planned shoppings, don’t just go. Always think twice before leaving. What do I need beside my belongings. When you do big shoppings in the mal, just don’t forget your bags! Avoid to buy plastic bags, even reusable bags!  Once you are trained in it, you have them always with you! And when you have a crocheted one, it’s just a help function to remember. Be proud you are using a beautiful bag no one else has! Last time when I had one of my bags with me, a stranger just said to me that I was carrying such a beautiful bag. I was so happy with his remark, I really enjoyed his reaction! 

So these where a few tips when you are going out for shopping to save the plannet on your own. Just remember, use reusable bags, and when they are crocheted, just enjoy all positive reactions you get!

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2.Crochet with ecological yarn

We can also help the climate when using ecological yarn. I investigated all kinds of yarn that exists. I found several solutions. There exists a GOTS label, yarns made of natural products that do no harm to the nature and reusable yarns. Fair trade is also an option, but it’s not sure this solution is ideal for the environment. I explain each solution in depth further on.


GOTS label

I learned that there is a certificate to indicate that yarn is made with taking care of the environment, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). When products have this label you are sure that this products are exclusively made from certified organic sellers.When a product has this label, you are certain that the yarn is made without the use of pesticides and fertiliser. Read more on

I have made a bag with this GOTS label! Here is an image of it! The yarn was very good to use, a bit thick, but very good to crochet. This bag is available in my etsy shop.



Fair trade is something else. It also takes the environment into account, but its goal is to take more human quality into account. Also very important of course, but you are for example not certain that pesticides aren’t used.



Another yarn I found to be ecological is tencel. This yarn is made of bamboo, a very good quality of bamboo is, when you use the bark of bamboo, it grows back! Is this quality not very good for our environment, it’s ideal! I have made several projects with this yarn!


Crochet with recycled yarn

The old days

I remember in the old days, when I was a child I wore knitted pulls and when I was a bit taller, my mam reused the yarn of these pulls. It sounds weird, but in these days, they didn’t think about the climate, but because they had to save money, they saved the climate too. I don’t say we have to do that again, put when clothes are too small, I give them to 2 hand stores. I think they are very happy they can reuse all kinds of clothes!


Today to crochet, you find recycled yarn. I even made a laptop sleeve from it. It was enjoyable yarn, thick, very suitable for a sturdy laptop sleeve

I made it from drops recycled denim. Below you see the result of the sleeve. So this is a very good product maid of reusable products and so it is also a contribution to save our planet! 

This was the first recycled yarn I used, it’s not as simple as it should be, to find recycled yarn. I keep on searching and have hope it’s going to change! 

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  2. waw the picture is very good, thank you this article inspired many readers. What specific tips can be done when Crochet with ecological yarn runs out of this material, are there any alternatives?

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