Santa’s laptop sleeve

Santa’s laptop sleeve

08/12/2019 0 By greet

A red laptop sleeve with a white border, black belt and a brown buckle. The ultimate holiday accessory!

A laptop sleeve for Santa

I was wondering if Santa had a laptop, so I asked him personally. He responded, “Of course I have a laptop – I’m a modern man, you know!”. I thought he might like a nice laptop sleeve for it. “Ho, ho, ho!”, he cried, “I’d love that! Especially one that shows it’s mine.” And so I set out to make him one.

I had a great idea for the design. Santa always wears a red coat and hat, with black and white accessories. I wanted to use these 3 typical colours. Then I thought: why not a Santa’s belly sleeve? Great! I could start crocheting!

I gathered the cotton I needed and started immediately! Naturally, there was a lot of trial and error. I had to start over several times, and making the belt was trickier than I thought. But, giving up is not something I usually do – especially when it’s for Santa!

The end result

Santa's sleeve in the front

Santa's sleeve with laptop inside

Happy with what I’d made, I showed Santa his new laptop sleeve. “Ho, ho, ho!”, Santa exclaimed, “It’s wonderful!”. He also told me it’d need a zipper to protect his computer.

I’ll get right to it, Santa.”, I said. Santa replied “Thank you, Greet! Christmas is around the corner, and it’d be perfect to use on my trip.”

Santa’s wish

Santa was very happy with his sleeve! He loves it so much he asked me to make it available to everyone for the holidays.

There are two ways to help Santa get his wish:

First, for my crochet friends, join my newsletter. I will be sharing the pattern I used for Santa’s sleeve for free if you send me a message! And to my crochet lovers, you can choose your perfect Christmas sleeve from my store! Use the code SANTA019! This code also gives you a 10% sale for all other laptop sleeves available in my shop.

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